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Superfoods are great sources of nutrition for a healthy and more active life. However, each superfood has its own set of superpowers - and it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the ever growing variety.

That's why we at feinstoff have put together four teams of superfood powders that work together towards different functions:

Detox & Cleansing - Energy & Skin - Protein & Strength - Immune System & Digestion

So choose your function, pick your color and let nature get to work!

Green Smoothie – Detox

Green Smoothie brings you nature's secret super power: chlorophyll

Wheat Grass -Tulsi - Barley Grass - Perfect for Detox!

▷ cleanse and harmonize your body
▷ strengthen your digestive system
▷ deodorize your body odors

This light green shining powder is brimming with sunlight.

chlorophyll, iron, potassium, proteins, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and B12, folic acid, Phosphorus, manganese and dietary fiber.

Rich in energy, Green Smoothie is an abundant source of nutrients and a great health drink at any time of day and invaluable for diets and fasting.

As the name suggest, Green Smoothie is mixed with the fruity goodness of a fresh smoothie. Popular choices include:

banana smoothie with coconut water - fresh pear juice - white dragon fruit with coconut water

Pro-Tip: Simply add one sachet into 300ml of your favorite juice or smoothie and mix it with a shaker or blender.

Magic Berry – Energy and Skin

Let the magic of antioxidants rejuvenate your cells from the inside.

Acai - Rosehip - Grape Seed Flour

▷ tighten your skin and body tissues
▷ strengthen your immune system
▷ make your body shine

The best of berries is concentrated in this magic powder.

antioxidants, vitamin A, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, omega 3, 6 and 9 and dietary fiber

With its polyphenols and anthocyanins (OPC) Magic Berry defends your system against free radicals and insures you can run at full power all day.

Being on the fruity side of things, Magic Berry is best with smoothies or yogurts with a little texture. Popular choices include:

red dragon fruit with coconut water - freshly pressed orange juice - vanilla pudding with coconut milk

Pro-Tip: Simply add one sachet into 300ml of your favorite juice or smoothie and mix it with a shaker or blender.

Green Protein – Muscle and Regeneration

This natural power house packs twice as much protein as the same amount of beef!

Hemp Protein - Ashwagandha - building blocks for your body

▷ provides power for exercising
▷ builds muscle and body tissue
▷ ideal for athletes and vegans

Especially vegans and vegetarians appreciate Green Protein for its high contents of amino acids.

protein, dietary fiber, vitamin C, iron, copper, vitamin B6, potassium - 23 amino acids

Hemp is naturally rich in amino acids and in fibers, which makes it easily digestible. Ashwagandha originates from India and is traditionally used to enhance energy, stamina and athletic performance in a natural way.

Green Protein is very versatile in its use. Most athletes mix it into their protein drinks or even substitute them with it. Popular choices for drinking include:

rice milk - banana shake - yogurt with honey

Pro-Tip: Simply add one sachet into 300ml of your favorite plant milk and mix it with a shaker or blender. Or mix it into your favorite yogurt.

Power Cocoa – Immune and Digestion

This mix of organic super powders is your chocolaty goodness and creamy pleasure with no guilt or regrets.

Raw Cocoa - Ashwagandha - Hemp Protein - Lucuma - Banana

▷ strengthens your immune system
▷ increases your concentration
▷ lifts your mood

Power Cocoa is a blend of raw cocoa with special organic powders that are strengthening, stimulating and uplift your mood.

vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, calcium, protein and dietary fiber.

Raw cocoa is surprisingly rich in minerals and antioxidants. The variety of nutrients in this powder and its sugar free sweet taste make it the perfect healthy snack for you sweet tooths out there.

Power Cocoa has a very familiar taste and can be used just as regular chocolate powder for drinks, cereals or baking. Popular choices for mixing include:

almond milk (warm or cold) - breakfast cereal - chia seed pudding

Pro-Tip: Simply add one sachet into 300ml of warm (not hot) almond milk and mix it with a shaker or blender.

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