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we bring you healthy ingredients, organic foods and european groceries 

in short:

awesome foods from all over the world

about us

At Awesome Foods we are dedicated to source, import and distribute the best foods from Europe and Latin America. We believe that high food quality and safety should be a standard for everyone... a no-brainer. That’s why our goal is to provide the best quality foods at fair and affordable prices to Asian customers.

So how do we do it?
We work in close partnerships with farmer cooperatives and producers. From production to doorstep delivery, we control the whole process including consolidation, warehousing, quality assessment and distribution. As a result, we are able to provide the retail and food service industry with awesome products at awesome prices.

our company

Awesome Foods Limited is a group of companies registered in Hong Kong. We work directly with producers and manufacturers from Europe and North and Latin America in strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

For our consumers this structure means increased affordability because we cut out all consolidators, agents and other intermediaries and push the savings all the way through to the retail price.
For our retailers it offers full transparency as well as local and readily accessible account and support management.
For our partners it offers an extension of their geographical presence all the way into Asia, going beyond simple representation, including local culture and market knowledge as well as cross brand and integrated customer management.
For us it generates a strong degree of brand ownership and full sales side supply chain control leading to improved cost structures and a higher flexibility in product range and competition control.

business relations

You are a brick and mortar retailer? A restaurant or commercial kitchen? You have an online shop or sell via social media in Hong Kong?

We work with businesses of all sizes and have fitting products, brands and private label services for all kinds of retailers and kitchens. We keep a sizable buffer stock in our Lai Chi Kok warehouse but at the same time we can offer decently low MOQs and free delivery. Please contact us to learn more or to inquire our product lists and prices.

You are an importer, wholesaler or considerably large retailer in Asia?

While we import and distribute ourselves in Hong Kong, it also functions as our hub to servicing other Asian markets. Effectively, we are and extended hand for our partners to reach out to Asian markets. We seek strong partners in all markets in East and South East Asia. We prefer working with one loyal and reliable partner than to deal with many uncertainties. Please contact us if you are interested to discuss potential business relations.

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